AET Manufuture & ICT-AGRI  

Workshop 2017

In 2006 the community of agricultural engineering in Europe formulated for the very first time a common vision about agriculture and the driving engineering technologies. Manufuture AET was established as initiative of private companies and academics in Europe. This led to a number of research areas, which were presented as an implementation plan for the EU Commission as a basis for calls for tenders and were used as a basis for research calls in FP7 and Horizon 2020. Primarily, issues were selected that could be reconciled with the EU's research strategy. In the area of agricultural technology, this mainly involved topics from automation, robotization, precision farming and information and communication technologies. Themes such as efficiency initiative - sustainable agriculture, safe workplace 2025 / future AgHMIs, topics to sustainable animal production and topics to bioenergy and renewable materials were less well received in the EU calls for tenders. As a future task of the Manufuture AET, one can therefore infer that the strategies of the EU Commission and the future visions of the branch of agricultural technology have to be more harmonized. Other initiatives such as the ERA-Net ICT-AGRI and the PPP Robotics were developed, which pushed forward the idea of European cooperation in specific research areas, which also concerned agricultural engineering and technologies. This workshop is intended to relaunch the discussion on research topics. The trends and research topics are preceded by a general view on developments in agriculture. Agricultural technology developments must always be seen as developments for agriculture, especially when introducing new assistance systems and communication technologies, the farmer must be more involved in certain development phases. A further section describes selected technological trends, which from our point of view will influence agricultural technology. The research areas can then be derived from these technologies. This workshop is intended to motivate you to think about visionary priorities in European research and to incorporate your ideas. In a joint workshop in November 2017, the results will be discussed with the EU Commission and topics for research calls will emerge again.

On behalf of MANUFUTURE AET 
 Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Pickel

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Collaborative Workshop of ERA-Net ICT-AGRI and the MANUFUTURE Sub- ETP Agricultural Engineering & Technologies AET   - in cooperation with the

75th International Conference on Agricultural Engineering

 8:30                    Registration and Welcome Coffee in Room 13/14
 9:00                    Section 1:  Agricultural Engineering and Technologies Objectives 

10:15                   Coffee Break 
10:30                   Section 2: Reports from MANUFUTURE AET – Workshop discussion on new SRA

11:50                   Break
 12:00                   Joint Plenary Session with LAND.TECHNIK AgEng 2015
13:00                   Lunch Break
13:30                   Section 3: ERA-Net ICT-Objectives and further H2020 initiatives
15:30                   End

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